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A boy originally from Krushevo Мacedonia, ambassador of Macedonian football in London


It is wonderful when we know that Macedonian football has ambassadors around the world who promote sports in the best light. Aleksandar Kuzmanovski is a 17-year-old Macedonian originally from Krusevo who lives in England, London. He is a great fan of football and the Macedonian national football team, he watch and analyzes each match in very closely.

The first match he watched live in 2013 is between Belgium and Macedonia. His favorite player is Pandev, but he is also a big fan of the Palermo’s beast, Alexander Trajkovski.

What’s interesting is that his sister is 14 years old and plays professionally for Charlton Athletic. Knowing the conditions for training and playing football in England, it will not be surprising to have the next Natasha Andonova in the women National Football team.

The love for football Alexandar has also been shown through the following video for which we are sure he will awaken all the emotions in you, for the video has been assisted by two friends of Alexandar, Oliver and Charlie who are also great fans of the Macedonian football team, enjoy:

Author: Filip I.

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