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VOW (Voice of the World) is an independent media organization with a clear mission to provide objective and professional journalism based on facts. Our mission is to promote democratic values ​​and to provide what is most important to people – accurate, on-time, ethical and morally correct information. The information must be of exceptional quality. As an informative media, we will be guided by the following principles of work


We will do everything in our power to ensure that all published information is accurate. When there is doubt or controversy about significant facts, the information must be based on at least two independent sources. The actual errors will be corrected as soon as possible.

Balanced approach

The information will be presented on the basis of a factual context that improves the understanding of events and issues and provides clarity without any bias. Journalists will present opposing and conflicting views in a balanced way on all issues. When groups or individuals whose attitudes are important for balancing the program refuse to comment, it will be published within the program. Our journalists have no right to express personal attitudes in their work, which would violate the balance of the notice. Any analysis or comment by the media employees must be based exclusively on facts.


VOW employees as well as associates must adhere to the highest ethical standards in their conduct, in particular avoiding conflicts of interests, as well as avoiding links with individuals, groups with political or commercial interests in and out of the broadcasting zone. Employees and co-workers in VOW will not abuse their status of public figures or the good reputation of the media for the promotion of personal interests.